InteliWISE helped the global help desk provider to transform to a Virtual ServiceDesk.

InteliWISE is a partnering with a number of global, leading help desk and service desk service providers. Our solutions are being added to a traditional call or email services, creating a truly multichannel, virtual help desk with both intelligent, automated and live agent support.
Example of Virtual Agent and Live Chat deployed in the Virtual HelpDesk.

Virtual HelpDesk with auto chat Virtual Agent

Exemplary results or ROI in different projects:

  • up to 49% decrease of tickets, of low- and med- priority issues sent to help desk, and automated with Virtual Assistant,
  • at least 80% satisfaction rate from the Virtual HelpDesk, with more than 35% “I didn’t have to call service desk” responses.

If you are interested in converting your traditional help desk into a modern, chat-phone-and self-service support, contact us.

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